single components, especially the wear parts can be exchanged easily.
    brushless AC-generator (life time 20.000h, outer runner); simple and durable gear.
    Charge Controller for cell phones:
    Input from the generator = max. 48V (overload protection); Output = 5V DC, 3 Amp, max 15 Watt, depends on the wind speed.
    Three Plugs:
    for connecting to cell phones and batteries to power LED lanterns.
    Charging time:
    depends on the wind speed: ~2h at 5,55 m/s or 20 km/h. Charging starts at 3m/s.
    Low-cost (target price $30)
    The price can be subsidized with the CSR campaigns of MNOs, FMCGs (e.g. Coke), by governments or donor organizations.
Fair Wind - Affordable and green mobile phone charging for off-grid areas.